Beyond EP

by Indii Moon

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What lies beyond the light of eternity; beyond the dark of forever; beyond the loss of silence and time that will not sleep.


released June 18, 2017

All tracks written, produced and performed by Indii Moon.



all rights reserved
Track Name: No One Is Listening
Because no one is listening in the darkness i scream because no one is listening to pretend.
Track Name: The Black Of Night
Tick-tock time is running away i can feel it whisper in my ear where are you going where have you been where are you going where have you been where am i suppose to be when there’s no end to this feel the dust on my soul ashes to ashes and bone to bone i can feel the music die bring your shadow and your stars i’ll make them shine in the black of night i’ll make them shine in the dark.
Track Name: Wandering
In the dark why did you make me think you were coming back i waited at the window i waited in the night i waited until my soul turned to ash.
Track Name: Meermin (the Beyond version)
Under the blue dive down and find me hiding beyond the skies and lights i cannot see you fly above the sea you watch as i strip down and dive in.
Track Name: Bonus Track: Boy With The Blue Balloon
Boy with the blue balloon i washed you dance i wish i was in your arms i wish i could come close and tell you boy i love you and you were mine boy with the blue balloon won’t you just once look my way lost in the crowd heartbeat lost in the sounds my face a shadow you never see you never know you won’t be missing missing me.