Lost In A Sea Of Sleep (album)

by Indii Moon

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.waves of fractured dreams. headphones recommended.


released March 27, 2017

.all music and lyrics written, performed and produced by Indii Moon.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Fairies
i dare not breathe i dare not blink for they’ll be gone before i think
Track Name: Meermin
.under the blue dive down and find me hiding beyond the skies and lights i cannot see you fly above the sea...i knew he saw me you watch as i strip down and dive in.
Track Name: The Stone (The Last Rays Of Sand)
.in the faraway distant moment runaway she’s just a girl wish i could make you see this is all of me i’m a runaway like a ghost something else i’m lost in a sea of singing the blues as the sun shimmers on the sea girl in the blue i miss you the last rays of sand.
Track Name: Darkwave
.wash over me dark blue night wash over me let me feel your blue i am caught in your hold in the dark i’m yours pull me under wash over me in the silence of your heartbeat for a wonder stars escape for a silent moment i am caught in the deep darkwave wash over me let me breathe in your heart oh your twilight.
Track Name: Shadow Cloak
.i’m falling closer holding on taking the world with me holding on i’m falling closer closer to you.
Track Name: The Blue Raven
.black skies ripple she has returned they call her the blue raven blue as the deep waves of darkness break and crush the night wind blurs sparks and droplets of fear that rush with incoming tide courage trembles as madness takes a step forward. archers: ready! silence surrenders she grabs it a crooked smile forms on her lips her eyes remain ice death her only escape.
Track Name: Out To Sea (The Ghost Version)
.we searched for your ghost searched for your soul lost again lost in the dust like a ghost broken dreams like a shadow cloaked in the unseen we searched for you among the stones among the night searched for you among the song among you are lost to me. lost. alive.
Track Name: Bury The Dead
.no one cares there’s a monster in my head and i can’t feel anymore and i can’t see anyone i can’t open my heart to find the light oh bring your dark oh bring your wounded oh bring your fragile heavy load to bear heart on stone your words hurt more than i meant to feel cause i only meant to love cause i’m only meant to love i only meant to show you i still listen to you knock on your door no one’s home silence like mist follow me down i only meant to say that i will leave you alone bury the dead broken bones sticks and stones i only meant to say.