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by Wildsilences

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i have been really blessed to have met some amazing people on this music journey and to have made some awesome music with them. i love hearing my music in others' interpretations. i am so thankful to play a part in so many beautiful and wonderful adventures of sound.


released April 6, 2017

i make music as Wildsilences & Indii Moon. i would say Indii Moon's stuff is probably a little darker and more experimental. :)

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Track Name: Blu Mar Ten - Titans (Wildsilences Remix)
...taking the world the sun is yours the rain arrows piercing the sky your enemies will fall your sons will rise taking the storm silence shooting the moon piercing the world will fall footprints heartprints follow the night Titans...
Track Name: Wildsilences VS Roberto Sass - Psycho (Wildsilences Mix)
.can you find the trap door a secret hiding place if you find the trap door you will find me secret hiding place secret hiding space can you find me can you find the trap.
Track Name: Wildsilences VS Chicago Word Brigade & Polybrow - I Don't Wanna Bury (Wildsilences Mix)
.lose myself as the here i don't wanna lose myself silence holds no i don't wanna lose you i don't wanna bury myself slowly i don't wanna lose myself stories untold breathe in breathe out i don't wanna scream cry walls are closing in and i don't wanna lose myself.
Track Name: Wildsilences VS Classical Glass - Sunrise (Wildsilences Mix)
i feel your heartbeat
as time falls
waves of light
Track Name: Wildsilences VS Computronic - If Only (Sample Clip)
.time slows down hear my heartbeat feel me touch me hold me come close to me if only you as the night falls as the stars fall as our love falls if only you.
Track Name: Wildsilences VS Unearth Noise - Moments (Wildsilences Mix)
.most always home wish that moments lasted longer colours fading you didn't see me and now the time is fading wings are aligned on my own crimson skies wish that i was the one the one to leave footprints in time make it mine.
Track Name: Wildsilences - Psalm (feat. Gluid)

where do i belong? these crowded streets ain't my home
where should i kick off my boots
lay down stories of enchanted hours and rain,
i leave my words on empty pavements.
where do i belong? this lonely tear ain't my own
i pin my prayers on solitude, lie awake to stare at hope:

i step into the rippling rolling resonance
of self,
i surrender my being
i let it toll...

in a daze of night
i lay down my soul
into Your arms.
Track Name: Wildsilences - Shadowrunner (Everything Down Remix)

so i let it all fall,
things that make the
darkness numb, make the night ache,
cross the road
to where they smoke a grace,
glowing faces from another place,
‘chase away these goblins
with their pink punk haircuts,’
she mumbles as she
lets them fall – glass marbles
to entice,
roll the dice...

do not let the silence
a ruthless, masked intruder,
shadows radiate from my black
bones, but i’m not a thief,
just a hunter
for a fragile mind,
leave the bait and i will take it,
i can break it, make the past
so i follow
the punk girl home

as she skip-
to the sound
of her own heartbeat,
feet brush-
crush the surface
of the cold hard street,
she smiles as i pretend
i’m just a silly little dream...
Track Name: Wildsilences VS Indigolab - See You Later (Wildsilences Mix)
.you don't have to say goodbye cause i'll be right here.
Track Name: lilu and the ghost - Sinking (Wildsilences Rework)
morning breaks
everything has changed
Track Name: Indii Moon VS Letterfounder - Seaghost (Indii's Mix)
[this is the story of a child taken by the sea. and her mother, her mind taken by the waves. and the many voices of the seaghost.]

bring your darlings make them cry in the street we all try to be forget the hand that feeds in the silence we are all the same bring the rain i disappear of the night yesterday she's on my mind storms of seas and silence make them cry make them hold on to the surprise footsteps on broken floors of the night between walls the whispers i can still hear i can still feel i can still breathe in your skin lead the silence waves crash against my window feel so close like a ghost whisper in the dark the sea standing on the hill and in the quiet cold morning footprints on stones your breath in the clouds i can feel the stars touch the moon behind the blue sky you're there taking all my memories storms beat like a drum against my mind seaghost.
Track Name: Indii Moon - Sheltered (feat. aqwan)
the lyrics are based on one of my own poems:


where is your place?
the place where the waves curl
just enough to enfold you
in the blue;
the place where the silence
breaks on the shoreline,
orange and red sparks
that dance on the dusk.
where is the place
where you feel totally free
from yourself...?
my place is here
with you
where i am free from
everything else.
Track Name: Indii Moon VS Chicago Word Brigade - When The Words Have No Space To Breathe (Indii's Mix)
the lyrics are based on this poem of mine:

a box filled with emptiness

don’t pretend i know what it’s like
don’t pretend to see when they’re not looking
don’t pretend the answers are oh so simple
when the words have no space to breathe

the stories you tell sing and start a fire
ashes of guesses floating by covering me
in flakes of sky
maybe we can pretend together

we are only human after all an outline of shadows
souls on strings autumn dreams phosphorescent leaves
maybe we can spark a fire with the bones
of broken things.

don’t pretend i know what it’s worth
don’t pretend i hear what you’re not saying
maybe we can pretend
endings are just a box filled with emptiness

it has been a long day, my friend
but i think we’ll be okay.
Track Name: Indii VS Repulsive Loops - Skeletons (Indii's Mix)
.and you might see the scars are only visible
when you don't hold your breath
you will see the scars, secrets, our love, visible
our love it is all over.
Track Name: Indii Moon VS PhutureD - Darkwave: Night (Indii's Mix)
wash over me dark blue night wash over me let me feel your blue i am caught in your hold in the dark i’m yours pull me under wash over me in the silence of your heartbeat for a wonder stars escape for a silent moment i am caught in the deep darkwave wash over me let me breathe in your heart oh your twilight
Track Name: Wildsilences - Spaces With Stories (feat. leaves of absense) [chillout mix]
.i am only on your side chances are we'll never meet i will still i will still be here i will still i will still be here on the other side on the other side of conversations conversations about life conversations about what's right and what's just a silly dream you tell me your heart's desire you tell me your dreams and i you tell me your deepest secrets and i can see secrets and i can hear secrets and i can feel your emotions through these words it's only words they're only words they're only friendship through the wire friendship through the wire they're only words they're only words but they say everything you need to hear they're only words but they say everything you need to feel love through the wire across a thousand lines the silhouette of time release the slow motion of life across a thousand lines i can pretend i'm fine i can say everything you wanna hear i can smile i can fill these spaces with stories.
Track Name: Indii (feat. leaves of absense) - ShapeShifter
i want to be the ink on your skin sandcastles of moments we step on what-ifs i carry your dreams let the silence die crush the shells the music’s in the sea skulls and moons will you be home soon.
we’re all wearing armour we’re all wearing shards of rain like clouds we grow darker we change to stay sane didn’t you hold your heart to the sky didn’t you hold your heart out to try exploding the silence a spark to the line we change to stay sane shards of rain. music is a mask the face of you but not you. the wire between everything we love and fear courage when no one else sees you shadow i am a shapeshift i am a shapeshifter i am the mask the avatar the face of you but not you i am a shadow even if no one else sees me.
Track Name: Indii (feat. Strange Meat) - A Ghost In Your Eyes
.watch the skies turn grey. watch the rain pour down. it never stays the same. it never is easier. you're never alone. i'm a ghost of memories in your eyes. my heart is soaked in tears.